L'intermarché Lagoria
About Us

Intermarché Lagoria takes pride in a long family tradition when it comes to food. It strives to provide its loyal customers, mainly made up of neighbourhood regulars, with fresh and diverse products. You will realize very quickly that this family atmosphere is not only found in the management team, it is present everywhere: from the Lagoria Bistro to our butcher’s counter. We love the contact with our clients and take the time to discuss and hear what is new from you and your loved ones.

Marché Lagoria

This familiarity with our customers allows us to provide the most courteous and warm service. Getting to know our customers well allows us to meet their needs and encourages them to visit us regularly. Over the years we have established and maintained a relationship of trust with our customers by offering freshness and quality.

To ensure the quality of all foods available in our aisles and on our display racks, we constantly keep in touch with our producers and suppliers, including some who we have been in business with for over 20 years. We are also always present at the market to discover the latest arrivals and on the lookout for anything that is new and different. This allows us to adapt to what our suppliers have available, to meet the demand of our customers and to offer them the best.

Although we specialize in Mediterranean products, it is important for us at Intermarché Lagoria that after our customers have made their purchases, they have found everything they need for their daily diet. Whether it is fresh meat, dairy products, pasta, fruits and vegetables or specialties of the holiday season such as Panettone, your shopping basket will be more complete and at an affordable price.

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